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How to make a DIY theater (and not die trying)

How to make a DIY theater (and not die trying)

You've seen tutorials on YouTube. Long and complicated, yes, but you don't get discouraged with those. You want to make your own Kamishibai Theater no matter the cost (better if it doesn't cost much, of course). Welcome to the small big disasters that can come out of the "I'll do this myself, it'll look great".

Oh, God. DIY. The initials of Do It Yourself that have become so fashionable. We live in a time in which everyone can access any content and training and, in return, everyone can "teach" the rest of humanity to do things. And of course, "that" happens. Like... we get involved in doing things that don't work out as planned or as we saw them in our little heads. And here are some examples of major DIY disasters:

  1. The textile DIY (a crown for the house entrance).

    We are not going to talk about the fabrics or the ribbon (which we could), it just wasn't even round. :(

  1. The Cuisine DIY.

    Of course, after watching Masterchef more than a few come up with these things:

  1. The Artistic-Plastic-SayNoMore DIY.

    With this DIY you run the risk of even setting fire to your living room.

  1. The Kamishibai DIY.

On the Internet you can find hundreds of examples of real DIY disasters. With claims like "I'll do that and it'll work out the same or better than the original" or, "Why would I spend my money if I can do it myself?" strange offsprings of the "Do It Yourself" have been created.

The fact is that we've also found some examples out there of Kamishibai made from recycled cardboard from moving boxes, or pieces of wood left over from the brand-new shelves installed in the living room, and stuff like that. Theaters that hopefully won't be torn apart in our first story-telling. Hey, we don't want to limit anyone's creativity, but here from Kamishibai Universe (sieteleguas) we want to make you things a little easier (and safer).

And that is why we created the Kamishibai DIY Theater (BIG A3). The first wooden Kamishibai you can assemble yourself with a screwdriver (included) and 8 screws. In 3 steps and in less than 4 minutes. It's that easy! You don't believe us? Well... watch this video tutorial:

The same potential and quality of our Kamishibai PRO Theater (BIG A3), only simpler and most importantly... detachable! If you were concerned about space or how to transport it, trouble no more. Once disassembled, it fits in a small cardboard box.

Moreover, as it's made of detachable pieces, it opens up a whole range of possibilities: Want to paint it in any color? Want to cover it with velvet? Or maybe paint it with glitter and stick a thousand types of color strips on it? We assure you that our Kamishibai DIY Theater (BIG A3) endures all kinds of paintings and experiments you want to do with it. A homemade DIY, yes, but with all the guarantees!

And since we are sure that you are coming up with a thousand things to do with it, here you have this template with a drawing of the Kamishibai DIY Theater. Just download it, print it on a sheet of paper and let your imagination run wild. Once you've figured out how to customize it, the fun begins!

Say what? You don't get that kind of inspiration right away? It's as simple as putting your judgmental mind to sleep, but maybe it is quicker to share some suggestions:

Do you know how you're going to customize it? We can't wait to see it! Share your design with the other gaitos in the comments below and be an inspiration to the rest of the community. And if you thought this article had something of value, don't forget to like it and share it.

Happy customization and see you in our next article!

P. S: Kamishibai Universe (sieteleguas) is not responsible for any disaster you may cause by making your DIY. Don't say we didn't warn you!


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3 Comentarios

  • Ana Barrantes Cambero

    Ana Barrantes Cambero 13/02/2018
    Pues así me ha quedado más o menos jejeje. ¡Me encanta el Kamishibai! Mi idea sería no cargar mucho los marcos con decoración para que no distraída de los super dibujos de la historia. Pero lo que sí decoraría super guay serían las cortinas! Para crear expectación. ¡Sois geniales! ¡Un saludo!
  • Mª Teresa Ordóñez Gámez

    Mª Teresa Ordóñez Gámez 12/02/2018

    Como apasionada de los cuentos que soy, he decidido reflejar esta pasión en mi KamishibaiDIY, decorándolo con personajes de diferentes cuentos.
    Además le he añadido unas cortinillas de fieltro rojo, para darle un toque más colorido.
  • Luciana Gonzales-Daly Pestana

    Luciana Gonzales-Daly Pestana 29/01/2018

    El nuestro ha quedado así y nos queda customizar las cortinillas. ¡Es genial!

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