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Login errors when accessing your account or finalizing an order?

If you're already a kamishibaiya gaito of the Kamishibai Universe, welcome back!

We're so looking forward to having you back, but unfortunately, if you're reading this, it's because something went wrong with the login or identification process or finalizing your order. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

We understand that error reporting is an extra hassle that you may not want to take, so we propose four options that are sure to be successful and can be much faster:

  1. Try accessing our website from your browser's private browsing (or incognito mode). Here you have information on how to do it depending on your browser:

  1. If you have another browser installed, try using a different browser.

  2. Try to access our website from another device (another cell phone, tablet or computer).

  3. Delete cookies and stored data from our website on your device. Here you have information on how to do it depending on your browser:

If none of the above works, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know details of the problem you are having. It will help us a lot to try to solve the problem if you tell us the name of the error and its details, which browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari...), which device you are using (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy note 10, iMac, Windows 10...) and when was the last time you visited us.

We will keep on working to create the best Kamishibai Universe possible with your help. Thank you very much for your patience and collaboration!

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