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Kamishibai PRO Stories (BIG A3) 

  • Sahira lives in Zimbabwe and is expecting her first son. She wants him to be born so she can do lots of things with him. But there's a problem. Sahira is sick with a virus and she is afraid that her son Malik will come to the world with the same disease. Very appropriate for fostering patience and confidence.Available for purchase on:
  •         Traditional story from Chad. A young boy walking in the savannah steps on a sharp stone and cries out in pain. The elephant hears the boy's cry and runs to help him but in his hurry, accidentally steps on a frog, who jumps sky high... An entertaining chain of events with a circular narrative structure. Very appropriate for encouraging the value...
  •           Amerindian legend. Immerse yourself with the young Wacahn in his "Moctezuma ritual", an initiatory journey full of dangers where his wisdom, courage, agility and strength will be challenged. Only at the end will his inner animal be revealed to him. Very suitable for promoting consistency and fidelity with a purpose.Available for purchase on:
  •           Welcome to a systemic look at Family Constellations through Kamishibai. Discover the secret of why Andrew doesn't speak, and why his father doesn't either. Where are their words hidden? Very appropriate for fostering the importance of expressing emotions. Addresses the right to belong.Available for purchase on:
  •           Traditional Tehuelche story. Experience the adventure of Korkoronke as he tries to hunt down his dreamed Great Rhea and the value that his failure leaves in his community: the appearance in the sky of the famous constellation, thanks to which they were never lost again at night. Highly appropriate for encouraging entrepreneurship.Available...
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                Traditional story from Australia. Our indigenous "dreamtime story" is set in the island of Tasmania where the eastern gray kangaroos lived. Oddly enough, at that time still had no marsupial pouch. Discover how Mother Kangaroo got her pouch for her little and restless Kayla. For encouraging the value of generosity and kindness.Available for...
  •           Traditional Andean story. What would you do if you found a secret cave full of treasures? Discover with little Yucaré one of the best kept secrets of the Aymara people: that everything on Mother Earth is linked together. Highly appropriate for stimulating love for nature and respect for the common good.
  •           An antartic story. At the very limits of the planet, the inhabitants of the South Pole live a peaceful life, barely broken up from time to time by some conflict or other. On this occasion a whale and a penguin fight for a fish which has washed up on the beach. Very appropriate for encouraging the value of sharing.Available for purchase on:
  •            Traditional story from Mexico. When the Great Spirit of the jungle gathers all the birds together to decide which one will be king, the turkey realices that he needs the most beautiful plumage to win. He doesn't hesitate to ask the bird Puhuy to help him... Well suited to foster the value of gratitude.Available for purchase on:
  •            Traditional story from Korea. Ogres, witches, dragons and a thousand fantasy characters all come together. Their mission is to remind us of the importance that everyone, young and old alike, should share the stories we know, as they teach us how to live, dream an be happy. Very appropriate for fostering the value of kindness and culture....
  •         Traditional story from Vietnam The main character of this story finds a little cat in the woods and takes it home. The child doesn't know how to name it and decides to visit the wise man in the village to help him choosing a name. Very appropriate to become aware that we all have the same importance.
  •            Education in values: Peace. Haruto is a Japanese pilot who enjoys flying through the skies until he has to pilot a warplane. When that horror is over, he decides to travel over the world telling kamishibai stories and giving away optimism, happiness and above all, peace. Very appropriate to know the history of Kamishibai and encouraging...
  •             Can you imagine being unable to let go of anger? Well, that's what happens to the monster Rif. Will he be able to return to his normal self and be nice and friendly again? Very appropriate for stimulating emotional intelligence.Music available in July 2022.
  •             Thanks to Mr. Nimbo's cloud-making bike-machine we live in perfect balance throughout the water cycle. But one day he decides to take a little nap and when he wakes up... His machine won't appear! Oh no! Help him get it back! Very appropriate for encouraging love of nature.Music available in July 2022.
  •         Ron is a huge T-Rex, but quite unlike other T-Rexes. Maybe that's why Ron doesn't have many friends. Mei is a really small dinosaur, almost too insignificant to be a dinosaur. Two very different characters but with something in common: the desire to evolve by fulfilling their dreams. For fostering the value of friendship and respect for...
  •      What happens when you combine Yoga with Kamishibai? You get a great and entertaining way to involve kids in yoga practice. Yogashibai PRO are 21 cards with Yoga postures and texts with the correct way of doing them and their explanation for children. Some cards also include a story, children's adaptations of stories from the Buddhist tradition....

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